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Do you need a Banker, Investor, or Buyer to say, “Yes”?

Would you like to CUT your Business Expenses 5 – 25% on things like; Utilities, Small Package Shipping, Insurance, Sales Taxes, or even Federal Taxes?

If you could put an additional 5-10% on the bottom line by simply changing the way you get paid by customers or the way you purchase equipment, what would that look like?  

Have you been paying the government thousands that you don’t need to?

How would it feel to get thousands of dollars of Your OWN Money back?
TFC goes further
by helping businesses:

•    Get bankers to say YES to lines of credit – even with bad financials!
•    Get bankers to say YES to loans
•    Get Investors to say YES to funding new projects
•    Get Insurance brokers to provide better coverage for less – as much as 50% less
•    Get paid faster by their customers
•    Pay less Sales Taxes
•    Pay less for Utilities
•    Pay less for telephone expenses
•    Pay less for small parcel shipments –
even if FedEx/UPS says you already have the best rates!
•    Reduce accounts payable expenses
•    Reduce accounts receivable days sales outstanding
•    Reduce federal Income taxes by performing cost segregation studies on buildings

Welcome to the most unique company on the web! 

We do something that no other company does.


We are experts at finding:

•    Real Money

•    Big Money

•    Bankable Money

•  Needed Money

•    Your Money

•    Other People's Money

•    Fun Money
•    Smart Money

TFC adds value and returns high ROI to our clients.   

Every company is in business to sell a product or service. To stay in business a company must sell their product or service for more than its cost.  Many businesses assume that this profit is the only cash that is available to them.  Many times, this just isn’t true!  

If a business has  volume of sales, ships products, has been in business for any length of time, has a number of employees, or owns a building, wants to expand their business, borrow money, find investors, sell more, construct a new building, chances are extremely high that there is cash available they just don’t know about.

That is our specialty; we find cash that others don’t.

We’ve heard for years, “Our CPA takes care of us”, “Our Attorney looks out for our best interests”, “I’ve been doing this for years, I know what I’m doing”, “Our staff is excellent”, “My industry group has this covered”, “We hired a big name CFO (or CEO, CIO, Accountant, or Other) and that’s what she does” etc.

What if we could prove that you’re leaving money on the table wouldn’t it be worth a 15 minute no-cost, no-commitment consultation to make sure you’ve got all the money possible coming to you?

TFC has been instrumental in helping businesses find money, where others have failed. 

TFC recovers the very money that businesses
have already spent on:


Why you

should choose

Turner Financial Consultants 

"Working with Randall showed me a well balanced idea of business. He was always correct but humble on his ideas. Very experienced and a team player!"

Jerry Johnson,
Dallas Morris Drilling,
Equipment Manager,
Indiana, PA