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Turner Financial Consultants

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TFC customizes financial solutions to our client’s needs.
Have you ever wondered why XYZ Company is in the same business as you are and yet they always seem to have money, even during the bad times?  XYZ Co. has new facilities, new vehicles, great employees, regularly gives to charity and your business struggles to get by.

The answer may be as simple as the fact that XYZ utilizes some of the solutions that TFC provides!

Many of our clients have been surprised to learn that much of the cash that TFC finds for them was theirs all along, they just didn’t know it was there - or how to recover it.  

Chances are that XYZ has known about these business secrets for years and never told anyone.  

But, why should they tell?  Would you?  Telling others would only help their competitors!

No Business is too Large
to not still need help,
No Business is too Small
to not need help.

TFC was Founded to Help Businesses 
Learn the Secrets of Success.
Your business may very well benefit from one of our free or contingency-based services:
•    Electricity Auction (50Kw annual min. Free service if you qualify)
•    Reverse Sales Tax Audit & Recovery
•    Small Parcel Shipping Audit & Refunds
•    Telephone Company Audits, Recovery, and on-going Cost Control - 80% Telecom Bills with Avg 20% recovery ($30k annual min.)
•    Worker’s Comp. Insurance Premium Audit and Recovery - 80% WC Bills incorrect with avg 7.5% recovery ($50k annual min.)

TFC Services that pay for themselves
& Result in High Returns on Investment (ROI):
•    Accounts Receivable DSO Reduction Services ($100m min annual billings)
•    Bank Loans
•    Investor Negotiations
•    Business Executive Coaching
•    Business Investment Prospectus
•    Business Plans
•    Business Purchase Analysis and Recommendations
•    Business Sale – Financial Presentation and Sale Negotiation
•    Business Operations Analysis
•    Cost Analysis – Those that know their true costs will beat the unknowing competitor every time
•    Construction Cost Review and Minimization (5 - 25% savings potential)
•    Cost Segregation (Accelerated Depreciation on Buildings less than ten years old that cost in excess of $750,000)
•    Joint Venture (JV) Financial Presentation and Negotiation
•    Operations - Bottleneck Studies
•    Small Parcel Spend Reduction Avg savings 18% ($200k annual min.)

About Randall

Outsourced CFO

 Public Speaker

Randall has spoken to dozens, hundreds, and thousands of people on how to restore financial prosperity individually and corporately as a nation. 

As a seminar leader or a public speaker, Randall has stirred the hearts of many to tears and then moved audiences to act upon what they've learned.  

Randall went from minimum wage, living in a mobile home to President of a General Contractor.  Wait until you learn how he did it!

Its been said that Randall, "Has the Brains of a Capitalist...and the heart of a Social Worker", loves his country, and lets it all show forth in every speech.

To have Randall speak to your next gathering, please call 814.331.9599 to schedule the man that has been called, "Inspiring", "should have been a US Marine General", "motivating" and "simply amazing".

Turner Financial Consultants understands business challenges and the need to close the gap between strategy and execution. Our time-tested integrated approach looks at your business from various perspectives including your customer and all groups that touch them. Best of all, we are an affordable solution as a Outsourced CFO since you get all the expertise you need without having to hire a full-time and expensive CFO. 

Our process begins with a no-cost discovery session that helps us understand your business challenges and how we would work  together. This process is how we partner with you to develop time-tested, responsive, and innovative strategies that give you greater visibility throughout your organization. As a result, the CFO you work with will help you take the necessary steps to lower costs, reduce risk, and achieve your business objectives in an ever-changing business environment.

Representative Solution Areas

The Outsourced CFO is prepared to support your goals in a wide range of areas.
Concerns and issues where professional’s expertise and experience can be advantageously applied include:

  1. Profit Improvement and Cost Reduction
  2. Operational, Accounting and Business Issues
  3. Compliance Requirements
  4. Image/Relationship Enhancement
  5. Strategic Planning - Budgeting, forecasting and planning

The emerging trend of using an Outsourced CFO makes perfect sense in this economy. The service levels are scalable, affordable and relevant. Outsourced CFOs do not replace an organization’s CPA firm, which specializes in preparing tax returns and attest-to work such as audits. In fact, the Outsourced CFO and your CPA firm will partner and work collaboratively to further the organization’s goals. The Outsourced CFO’s services are operational in nature and focus on the day-to-day operation of your business, as well as on strategic planning. An Outsourced CFO who can effectively address the business issues you either can’t or don’t have the time for, can make an enormous difference in your business. In fact, it’s a service that you probably can’t afford to do without.