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Insurance Renewal Review& Negotiations

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Commercial Insurance Program Management & Marketing Services

We provide a range of commercial insurance program management and marketing services that relieve you of much of the day-to-day burden of running your insurance program. And, given our expertise, you can be comfortable with the quality of our work. 

Our insurance Management Services include negotiating renewals and coverage changes with selected underwriters and brokers, and reviewing quotes to select the most appropriate programs for your needs. At the same time, we try to manage the process to minimize disruption to your business while obtaining the most economical and appropriate insurance program for your company.

Our insurance management and marketing services include:
• Drafting renewal action plans/timelines
• Reviewing account service requirements with client in order to present brokers with detailed service expectations
• Assessing quality and financial stability of
insurance carriers
• Preparing underwriting packages for brokers or direct writers (including specifications, schedule of locations and values, loss runs, etc.)
• Negotiating terms and conditions to obtain the broadest, most affordable coverage options
• Obtaining and reviewing quotes from carriers in a timely manner
• Helping transition changes to a new risk management program, if a change is warranted

(We are not brokers and do not sell insurance.)

Representing your organization’s best interests throughout the marketing process, Turner Financial Consulting (TFC) creates a competitive atmosphere that motivates insurers to produce comprehensive, aggressive proposals. Whether you require a total policy renewal or a renegotiation of existing programs, our team of insurance specialists expedites your marketing package and eliminates the stress of dealing with multiple brokers. 

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Consultants will run your insurance renewal program for you, so you’re free to run your business. 

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What better way to know that you're getting electricity at the absolute lowest price?

Like most executives you probably accept your electric bill as a matter of course. Each month the local power company sends a bill and you pay it. But that means you are exposing yourself to the greatest possible price risks since you have no idea what  future price you will need to pay.

The fact is your utility company acts as your broker,buying electricity from a select few power companies and selling it to you. 

Now you can act as your own broker!

 TFC can set your account up, on-line, so that up to 15 major power generators can bid on your business!

By committing yourself to purchasing a set minimum amount of Kilowatt hours for one, two, or three years from one major power generation company you'll have these companies bidding on your account.  

You pick the maximum amount that your are willing to pay per kilowatt and then watch on-line as bidders vie to bid for your business at the lowest cost.

Best Prices For Your Dollars!

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Maryland    ♦    Massachusetts    ♦    New Hampshire

New Jersey    ♦    New York    ♦    Ohio    ♦    Pennsylvania

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