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If your business needs an equity infusion for a new venture, and you're too small to attract Wall Street's attention, what are you to do?

For smaller projects or private projects we build financial enticement packages for: Real Estate Developers, Oil & Gas Related Businesses, and other business looking for equity injections into expansion projects.  

We have been instrumental in helping Oil & Gas JV developments get the private funding they needed for new oil or gas production projects.  

Experience Counts!

Larger projects, such as Hotel and Apartment Developers, have used our services to build financial prospectuses for use in the public market.  

Once the prospectus is built, we then team up with an experienced licensed dealer,, to have the prospectus reviewed and approved by a broker/dealer.  The prospectus is then distributed to accredited investors. 

Since we have such a great understanding of your project's benefits, we are frequently called upon to attend the investor meeting to be your advocate, explain the offering in detail, and to help secure the investment.  

TFC has a very unique specialty in that we know how to deal with banks to get our clients the money they need. Since 2000 we have represented our clients in front of their bankers - in both good times and bad. 

Businesses need an experienced advocate working on their side of the table to make sure they get the best possible deal.

We are that advocate!  

We've know what banks are looking for in terms of financial reporting, loan covenants, internal controls, personnel issues, legal actions, major contracts, forecasts and other data and then use this knowledge and skill to work on your behalf.

We analyze your financial statements, future business outlook, review your loan covenants, letter of credit agreement, and cross-collateralization agreements to determine how accepting your bank will be to continuing or growing your Line of Credit or approving new loans.  

We interview your key staff, speak with your banker about your situation, draw-up Pro Forma statements or other projections, determine if you can cut costs, increase sales, reduce headcount or even increase headcount, or liquidate unused assets. Then we ethically package your financials in the best possible light to help ensure that the bank will keep or extend further existing lines of credits or other loans.

On the day of the big meeting with the bank, we will attend as your number one advocate and make sure that you get the best possible outcome!


Financial Dashboard

When you need a loan or a Line of Credit, why are your financials acceptable, or not acceptable, to the bank?  Loan covenants are pretty self explanatory.  Either your financial results are sufficient to meet the loan covenants...or they are not.  
Yet, few businesses understand that loan covenant requirements are only part of the story.  Business financials are analyzed from many angles and few outside of the banking community understand how the game is played. 

Turner Financial Consultants (TFC) is one of the very few firms, outside of the banking industry, that can demystify the system.  We have software designed to analyze your business's financial results and determine your loan worthiness...before you go to the bank!  


  1. TFC will analyze your business to determine its ability to borrow from a bank, find the red flags, (that your banker may not tell you about), and make recommendations on how to improve your financial situation to increase your borrowing ability

  2. TFC will produce Industry Comparisons based on your SIC code and zip code. Prerequiste: #1 above                                

  3. TFC will create a Banker's Financial Package that will delight your banker, Including: Narrative, Financial Reports, Sales Projections, Pro Forma, and if applicable, any or all of the following: Loan Covenant Analysis, Overhead Cost Reduction Plan, Personnel Reduction Analysis, New Market Penetration, Surplus Asset Sales, Improved Cost or Profit Per Unit Study, or any other cost reduction or profit improvement plan client may put forth) Prerequisite: #1 & #2 above.
  4. Randall Turner, MBA, will meet with your banker on your behalf, act as your financial liaison, and chief advocate. Rate per Day, plus travel, and 1% Success Fee. Prerequisite: #1- #3 above            

Business Sales     

1. Financial Analysis          

2. Industry Comparisons 
3. Financial Package
4. Banker Meeting + Success Fee

Subtotal (Less Meeting)
Total with Meeting








$2m - $10m  












$10m - $30m








 Point on Application








Service Products 3, 4, and 5  and over $30 million in business sales are available by contacting Turner Financial Services.

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Financial Analysis
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