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Audit & Recovery

Every year, millions upon millions of dollars in telecom billing errors occur and go unnoticed by business customers!

On Average 80% of commercial telephone bills are incorrect and the average recovery is 20%!

Companies that pay these bills haven't the time or the resources to scrutinize the piles of data, landline and mobile phone bills that are sent to them every month, so it's easy for errors to go unseen.  Unfortunately, in many cases, those errors continue for years, and the erroneous bills are ultimately paid. What's even worse is mistakes are typically never discovered, thus the problem continues and refunds are not issued.  

Turner Financial Consulting (TFC) locates what may be a treasure in telecom refunds owed to your company. We assist schools and hospitals with E-RATE and USAC. We work on a contingency basis, thus our proposition is risk-free.

TFC is an independent firm with no carrier alliances.

  • We work with our clients to recover money lost as a result of oversights, omitted discounts and billing errors.

  • We stand behind our service with a "cost you nothing" guarantee.​

  • If we are not able to find and secure money owed to your company, you owe us nothing.  

Offering a 100% contingency-based recovery compensation structure.  We deliver a self-funded solution to
recovering sales taxes inadvertently paid.

Turner Financial Consulting (TFC) Sales and Use Tax Refund Review or “Reverse Audit” is a comprehensive analysis of transactions designed to obtain refunds of overpaid sales and/or use taxes.

Utilize our knowledge of the tax laws to recognize exempt transactions, as well as issues that arise due to court  decisions, policy changes  or compliance errors.

Our process involves interviews, planning, and procurement of documentation by our staff and the filing petitions for refund to states or vendors.  We then follow the claim through the process until complete. 

We do the work,
you get the benefit. 

The ultimate goal of a refund review is not only to recover overpaid sales and use tax for our clients but to educate them in order to save money prospectively.

Typical results for these engagements well exceed $100,000, and can reach upwards of $1M dollars-plus in overpaid taxes. TFC offers a contingency-fee based Sales & Use Tax Review.  Zero dollar investment, minimal client resources and self-funded contingency-fees work together for an ROI that’s hard to beat.

Sorry, service only available in Pennsylvania.

Our experience in workers’ compensation premium matters indicates that: 

80% of all employers have overpaid or are currently overpaying on their Workers' Compensation costs and our average recovery is 7.5%!  

The system that determines your premiums is extremely complicated, involving many concerns including rating bureaus, insurance company underwriters and insurance agents.  For example, when it comes to establishing unique business classifications which number in the hundreds, there is a significant opportunity for choosing a lower rated classification determined by insurance company underwriters and rating bureaus.

Many of our workers’ compensation premium recoveries are a result of incorrectly calculated experience ratings or the erroneous application of experience ratings.  Often times discounts initially
indicated in the policy are not applied on the final audit.

There is an inherent conflict between the agent or broker’s role to reduce premium costs and the commissions earned on a workers’ compensation polices. Let us recover your money on contingency basis.

Sales Tax
Audit & Recovery

You need the perspective of an unbiased, independent review of your workers' compensation premiums.
The purpose of a sales tax audit is to determine if you are paying the correct amount of sales tax.

"I've been working with another consultant for months and (Randall) taught me more in five minutes..."

Michael Jones,
Compass Consultants, Jamestown, NY